Amey are a large construction and infrastructure company that have a wide range of operations in various sectors. They have a large fleet of over 800 HGVs in a variety of categories. Amey have traditionally provided an assortment of training for their staff they are continuously exploring new industries and have large operational requirements. In 2016 they began to realise that HGV licence acquisition must be treated as it’s own category of training.


  • HGV vacancies were growing.
  • Retention rates were dropping as wage competition increased.
  • Traditional recruitment paths were failing to yield results.
  • Growth strategy impacted by lack of available staff.
  • Driver training programme was inefficient and took 12-18 months to complete.


Before starting the relationship we commenced an investigation and discovery process to determine why Amey’s existing driver training was not working. We found the following issues with Amey’s programme:

  • Booking Mod 1 and Mod 2 separately.
  • Starting CPC process after completion HGV
  • Not having direct contact with the driver or their manager
  • Not using a centralised supplier
  • Having to book every module individually and through different suppliers
  • Individual price depending on region


We offered Amey a managed service, that consolidated their existing suppliers and run everything through a centralised process. This would reduce communications and workload for Amey’s L&D and HR departments, allowing workers to focus on other important aspects of the business. We created a standardised process that allowed us to do the following:

  • Book module 1&2 simultaneously.
  • Complete CPC at the same time as Cat C licence.
  • Communication lines were established between manager, candidate and HR.
  • Centralised an amalgamation of suppliers which reduced costs significantly.
  • Set a standardised price point that fit within Amey’s budget constraints.


First stage of implementation was an onboarding process with Amey’s centralised HR team, based in Liverpool. We sent several representatives from our operations team so we could ensure that we understood Amey’s processes and were able to educate the team. This built the relationship between key parts of the booking process as well as allowed both parties to fully understand what was required. Within 1 week we were running the programme, with tangible results being felt almost immediately. Amey’s staff were much more knowledgeable on the training process and were able to advise candidates internally on best paths forward. We follow-up with monthly reports and a bi-annual review of the business.


Since working together we have seen the following results within 6 months:

  • Amey reduced HGV vacancies by 15%
  • Easier to find recruits who require HGV training.
  • Increased ability to win new contracts as Amey can plan and create qualified drivers.
  • Time to complete training reduced by 70% with an average of 4 months.

We have learned through this process that having a single supplier who manages the system for you, quickens the process and allows you to get more drivers trained and therefore allows you to grow the business and meet demand.



P. JENNEY, HR training

“STS are always available to answer any queries, smooth over any issues and to ensure all our training requirements are delivered on time and without hiccups.”

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