An End Point Assessment (EPA) is a general term used to describe a range of tests that must be passed by an apprentice in order to verify their competency in the role they’ve been training to occupy. This testing typically takes place after a period spent training and developing on the job or ‘on-programme’ that follows the end of an apprenticeship.

This EPA phase occurs after the ‘sign off’ or ‘gateway’ has occurred, which involves the apprentice, the employer and the training providing sitting down to agree they are ready to begin. Depending on the role, this on-programme phase may not be able to begin until mandatory requirements, like certain industry qualifications have been achieved. What is common with all types of EPA, however, is that at least 9 months needs to have passed from the date the apprenticeship started before it can begin.

Specialised Training became a certified End Point Assessment organisation in March 2018 with a focus on ensuring that our assessment is:

  • Focussed on what skills an apprentice will need in a modern logistics environment.
  • Accessible, engaging and relevant for apprentices coming to the end of their year-long course.

Specialised Training works with dozens of companies across the UK upskilling their workforce and making sure they have the right people in the face of a growing driver shortage in the UK. This makes us uniquely qualified to create an EPA that’s focused on the logistics industry and its personnel.


  • The only oral-based EPA.

    Questions and answers are conducted verbally with an assessor, meaning those with written or language difficulties are not disadvantaged.

  • Video assessment.

    Apprentices are assessed using discrete video technology, creating a less-intimidating, relaxed environment compared to traditional pen and paper assessments.

  • Testing skills in the workplace.

    We understand that apprentices have already gained their Category C license and don’t need to be re-evaluated. Our assessment explores real-life workplace situations such as route planning, secure loads, customer service, and problem-solving.

  • Bespoke assessments available.

    Our question bank is such that we can adjust them to meet the specific needs of each individual client. For example, a petrochemical company apprenticeship would have hazardous materials questions, whereas a supermarket would have some questions around food handling.

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